Why Join I3N

“I3N is lining up for-profit social start ups, signing up investors, listing advisors, conducting preliminary diligence on each element, then exposing the whole to the Sankalp ecosystem. This is going to be win for all stakeholders: nascent enterprises will get funded, society will benefit, and some investments will pay off. Truly a network to do well by doing good.”

- Nandan Maluste, Angel Investor

  • Opportunity to diversify their portfolios with a strong pipeline of carefully-vetted early stage impact enterprises.
  • No upfront commitment, investment entirely at the discretion of members.
  • HNIs get an opportunity to learn and gain comfort about the impact investing space by co-investing with institutional members.
  • Support on facilitation of the entire transaction including documentation, diligence, etc.
  • Monthly newsletters to keep you up to date with impact events, recent deals, publications, etc.
  • Regular knowledge sharing teleseminars for cross-stakeholder discussions deep diving into sectors and other topics.
  • Free invites to all Intellecap and related partner events such as the Sankalp Forum.
tribe welcomes you all !!