Our Services

We provide enterprises access to a varied group of investors that have a board range of investment preferences and appetites. We facilitate the entire transaction process, advising on business plan preparation, negotiations, due-diligence, and deal documentation. We aim to support enterprises through their complete life-cycle by leveraging Intellecap resources to provide services such as incubation, debt, and Investment Banking Services for further capital raises.


We pride ourselves on facilitating “fully-baked” deals ready for investment. Even before we showcase the enterprises to members, we spend time to add value through extensive consultations:

  • Spend time to really get to know the promoter and management team.
  • Site visit to validate ground realities.
  • Leverage sector experts within Intellecap and I3N member base to gain insights on the opportunity.
  • Connect enterprises with service providers to address important gaps.
  • Have extensive discussions and provide feedback on business plan and model.
  • Significant assistance in rearticulating business pitch in a standardized thought process.
  • Provide members with our recommendation on the opportunity.

Upon showcase to members, if there is investment interest from members, we:

  • Facilitate promoter interaction with interested members.
  • Assist interaction amongst interested members to determine deal campion.
  • Structure term sheet, design deal documents, facilitate negotiations.
  • Post–investment monitoring and support.
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