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Sanjeev Shah
Sanjeev Shah

Sanjeev Shah

Sanjeev Shah is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He established a joint venture company in 1998 for manufacturing hydraulic sealing systems in Bangalore with Busak+Shamban Inc., USA who were world leaders in sealing technology. In 2003, Busak+ Shamban Inc. was acquired by Trelleborg AB of Sweden for USD 600 million dollars including the joint venture in India.

In 2005, Sanjeev started another manufacturing company for precision hydraulic components in Bangalore under the name Rollon Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. He is currently the owner and Managing Director of Rollon.

Sanjeev moved to Singapore in 2007 and joined Baf Spectrum Pte. Ltd. as a partner to focus his energies in angel investing in addition to managing Rollon. He is currently the Managing Director of Baf Spectrum Pte. Ltd. and has invested in several start ups primarily in Singapore. Mozat, Progeniq, Anacle Systems,, Game Ventures, Tickled Media and Anafore are some of the investments he has made.

Sanjeev has a bachelor's degree in International Business from Loyola Marymount University, USA.

At I3N, Sanjeev has invested in rural skill training enterprise Head Held High.

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