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We currently have over 250 members on board consisting of HNIs and funds having a board range of expertise, investment preferences, and appetites.

Palaash Ventures

Palaash Ventures

Palaash Ventures is a sector agnostic Venture Capital Fund floated by media industry veterans in early 2013, with a vision to foster enterprise growth and development. True to the spirit of its meaning-a flowering tree-Palaash invests in, and mentors promising opportunities that could be rewarding for all stake holders, including the society. Palaash Ventures is based out of Delhi, and has a presence in Bangalore as well.

Palaash works to build ventures that work to benefit the stakeholders with an eye on relevance and society. Palaash’s investment objective is funding innovative ideas that are break-through solutions, ideas that have a social impact and a potential to sustain themselves as stable businesses that yield return.

Palaash Ventures is represented on I3N by its Managing Partner Piyush Goyal and its four founding members. Piyush, having B. Tech. and MBA, has more than 11 years of experience in Sales, Distribution, Strategy and Business Development in leading Media houses of India with the entrepreneurial experience as a founding member of one of the India’s largest cable companies, DEN Networks.

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