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We currently have over 250 members on board consisting of HNIs and funds having a board range of expertise, investment preferences, and appetites.



The Aavishkaar Group of Companies comprises of one India-based fund and three Mauritius-based funds focused on catalysing development in rural and underserved India. By providing risk capital to ventures operating in the micro equity and microfinance space, Aavishkaar is pioneering the approach of investing in early stage enterprises that have the potential to bring significant commercial returns while simultaneously creating positive developmental impacts.

Aavishkaar’s investments span a range of sectors, namely Agriculture and Dairy, Education, Energy, Handicrafts, Health, Water and Sanitation, Technology for Development and Microfinance and Financial Inclusion. Aavishkaar is represented on I3N by CFO Vinod Keni.

At I3N, Aavishkaar has invested in direct-to-farmer agri supply channel enterprise Agrostar.

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