Enterprises Showcased

We showcase 4-6 new carefully vetted enterprises at the beginning of every quarter, and work to facilitate investments into them throughout the quarter.

Enterprises Showcased in Q2, 2015

  • BookMyBai


    Incorporated in March 2015, BookMyBai is India’s first technology enabled marketplace/aggregator of maids, cooks, babysitters, patient caretakers with video interviews.

  • Dharavi Market

    Dharavi Market

    Incorporated in October 2014, is aimed at making the skills of the squatter settlement more accessible to the middle/upper classes while providing the local, skilled craftsmen and artisans direct access to local and global markets. It aims at providing, world class, quality goods at cheap prices as one would directly buy from the manufacturers while giving the craftsmen a price worth their craft and effort.

  • Green Agrevolution

    Green Agrevolution

    Incorporated in 2012, Green Agrevolution is an ‘end to end’ agri supply chain company, currently working with 4,500 farmers across Bihar, UP and Odisha. The company organizes small farmers into groups providing them crop advisory and extension services while also offering to bulk buy and aggregate their produce. The aggregated produce is then marketed to large institutional buyers fetching higher margins.

  • PoolCircle Technologies

    PoolCircle Technologies

    Incorporated in August 2013, PoolCircle is a ride sharing network that helps users to share rides with others.

  • Sohum Innovation Lab

    Sohum Innovation Lab

    Incorporated in December 2012, Sohum is a unique solution to screen newborns for hearing loss in global resource-poor settings to prevent speech loss.

Enterprises Showcased in Q1, 2015

  • Agventures Corporation

    Agventures Corporation

    Agventures Corporation is an agricultural input/equipment manufacturer and exporter developing products and services that are aimed at improving the lives of subsistence farmers. Their first product is a patent pending portable solar powered cotton picking machine capable of harvesting cotton 5 times faster than the manual process.

  • Chippersage Education

    Chippersage Education

    Incorporated in 2012, Chippersage is engaged in the business of improving children’s reading and comprehension skills in English and increasing teachers’ capacity. In addition to this, they provide teacher training services; provide in-house Chippersage teachers; and also provide assessment to track the performance before and after use of the product.

  • InfraEyes


    Incorporated in 2011, InfraEyes is engaged in creating affordable, effective, fast and accurate medical diagnostic solutions with a special affinity for solving diagnostic problems using non-invasive methods.

  • Leaf Innovation

    Leaf Innovation

    Incorporated in February 2015, Leaf provides security to women (currently) through a wearable technology device that alerts friends, family, the police and the community at large in case of an emergency. The product aims to be the world’s smallest and lightest wearable, smart security device.

Enterprises Showcased in Q4, 2014

  • Bodhi Health Education

    Bodhi Health Education

    Bodhi Health Education provides medical education to health professionals and community health workers, who are at the bottom of the pyramid. They provide e-learning and training solutions through instructional healthcare courses that teach complex medical topics to semi-literate healthcare workers through extensive pictorial content in different regional languages.

  • Drinkwell Systems

    Drinkwell Systems

    Drinkwell Systems provides clean water solutions in regions affected by large scale arsenic and fluoride contamination in India and Bangladesh. Its systems can be installed onto existing arsenic-affected tubewells which removes arsenic, fluoride, iron and other metal from contaminated water. The proprietary technology was developed by Dr. Arun SenGupta and the patent is owned by Lehigh University which is exclusively licensed to Drinkwell Systems for use in South Asia

  • Guru-G Learning Labs

    Guru-G Learning Labs

    Guru-G Learning Labs is the world’s first gamified platform for teaching and teacher training. Guru-G converts existing textbooks and teacher resources into adaptive teaching packs which provide in-class guidance to teachers on different ways in which they can teach a topic

  • I Say Organic

    I Say Organic

    I Say Organic currently procures farm produce from 9 certified organic producer groups (3,000+ farmers) at prices significantly higher than market prices to incentivize more farmers to take up eco-friendly farming methods. It takes consumers’ orders online or through phone and delivers orders at the customers’ doorsteps

Enterprises Showcased in Q3, 2014

  • Awaaz.De


    Awaaz De offers a mobile based technology solution for semi and disconnected communities to access and share information easily in local languages. It provides a suite of products for organizations to reach their beneficiaries / clients through voice messages delivered through phone calls. Sending and receiving voice messages through Awaaz.De does not require installing an app, or having any particular hardware

  • Ekam Eco Solutions

    Ekam Eco Solutions

    Ekam Eco Solutions works in the domain of improving sanitation status, hygiene and health in urban and rural areas. Its first product is a patented waterless urinal odor technology called “Zerodor” which does not require replaceable parts or consumables resulting in low maintenance costs and can be easily installed or retrofitted to existing urinal pans

  • Janta Meals

    Janta Meals

    anta Meals serves affordable meals (at INR 30 / meal) to the working class population (typically blue collared individuals) in Delhi-NCR region. They operate a hub and spoke model where meals are cooked at a centralized kitchen (run by women from local community) and distributed to the franchisees and institutional clients like NGOs, factories, government bodies etc.

  • Krishi Star

    Krishi Star

    Krishi Star works with producer companies to improve the livelihood of the farmers with an aim of enabling them to own the capacity to produce high value products. Currently markets high quality, farm fresh, whole peeled canned tomatoes to hotels and restaurants in India through “Krishi Star” brand name/p>

  • ReMaterials


    ReMaterials develops and utilizes innovative materials with the goal of providing superior shelter for slum dwellers and villagers in the developing world. Their first product, “ModRoof”, is a modular roofing tile based on chemically coated compressed and recycled waste cardboard

  • Sampurnearth Environment Solutions

    Sampurnearth Environment Solutions

    Sampurnearth Environment Solutions provides end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions (biogas and composting plants) for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses, etc.

Enterprises Showcased in Q2, 2014

  • Eco Corner

    Eco Corner

    Eco Corner is the one of the only retailers of eco-friendly products that has been able to establish and sustain standalone stores for the last 2-3 years. The vision of the company is to preserve traditional art forms, and improve livelihoods of artisans working with natural, eco-friendly materials

  • Margdarshak Financial Services

    Margdarshak Financial Services

    Margdarshak is a NBFC-MFI engaged in financial inclusion through direct lending and as a business correspondent (BC) for banks, currently focused on UP, Bihar, Haryana. It operates 40+ branches covering over 40k borrowers in direct lending and 17 branches as a BC for YES Bank with exclusivity in 13 districts of UP covering over 19k clients

  • Parvata Foods

    Parvata Foods

    Parvata Foods aims to be the first organized player to supply organic produce from Sikkim and other Himalayan states to NCR and export markets under its own brand

  • The Better India

    The Better India

    Better India is India’s fastest growing positive news website. By showcasing the work of organizations / entrepreneurs creating social impact, it aims to encourage readers to contribute in enhancing their impact. The vision of the Company is to leverage its community engagement to venture into becoming a crowd lending and marketplace platform

Enterprises Showcased in Q1, 2014

  • BeWo


    Villagineer is a last mile data analytics company that is addressing the last mile information asymmetry and data gaps. Developed a robust tech platform to source, analyze, and disseminate quality data to businesses, NGOs, CSRs.

  • Grow-Trees


    Grow Trees is a web-based service enabling individuals and companies to plant trees in public lands and dedicate them via personalized e-certificates. It has planted over 690,000 trees across Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal etc. and created more than 60,000 job days around planting areas

  • Swami Samarth Electronics

    Swami Samarth Electronics

    Swami Samarth makes clean biomass cook stoves under the brand name, Agneeka. It also, acts as an OEM for First Energy, a commercial clean cook stove enterprise and has sSold over 20,000 cook stoves – 14,000 to First Energy and 6,000 Agneeka stoves

Enterprises Showcased in Q4, 2013

  • Banyan Green Fuels

    Banyan Green Fuels

    Banyan Green Fuels is a waste-to-energy company providing Green Fuel as substitutes to coal to corporates like ACC, Ambuja, etc. for their energy consumption. With a vision to be the leading provider of different types of Green Fuels in India, the Company collects and processes agricultural waste and supplies the processed waste to larger cement and power corporations to meet their green fuel energy requirements.

  • Boond Engineering

    Boond Engineering

    Boond is an energy access company focused on providing and locally servicing renewable energy products. Financing solutions are provided through linkages with local banks and financial institutions.

  • Gram Oorja

    Gram Oorja

    Gram Oorja is a renewable energy EPC company identifying remote areas of the country with energy requirements, designing appropriate solutions, and installing / implementing the solutions on the ground.

  • Mayur Poultry

    Mayur Poultry

    Mayur Poultry is a pultry business farm located in Kalahandi, Odisha selling high quality broiler birds in chicken deficient state of Odisha. Vision is to be the largest farm-to-fork poultry in eastern India with an integrated business comprising of breeder farms, hatcheries, broiler farms, a farmer cooperative network, a processing plant and eventually a foodservice retail presence in Odisha.

  • Surya Power Magic

    Surya Power Magic

    Surya Power Magic offers efficient solar-based irrigation solutions for farmers, and aims to be a pioneer in R&D and distribution solutions for solar products. The company currently creates and sells high quality affordable solar water pumps that allow farmers to reliably access water for irrigation. Surya has installed over 25 water pumps in Tamil Nadu till date.



    TESSOL is a thermal energy service solutions developing energy storage technology applications for agricultural, industrial and retail cooling markets.

Enterprises Showcased in Q3, 2013

  • Akshamaala


    Akshamaala is an agri-enterprise supporting farm needs of agri input companies and farmers through its offerings. Akshamaala has presence in over in 26 districts in U.P. working with over 14 large agri enterprises and has served over 5000 farmers for its direct-to-farmer services.

  • Banka BioLoo

    Banka BioLoo

    Banka Bioloo develops innovative environmental friendly products and services for human waste management. The company provides bio-toilets, bio-tanks with bio-digester and AMC services to varied client reach from Indian Railways to NGOs, schools, commercial and corporate clients.

  • Micrograam


    MicroGraam is an online peer-to-peer lending platform that brings several innovations to traditional micro-credit loans and is the most attractive P2P lending model for retail lenders offering principal guarantee and potential to earn interest.

  • Sollet


    Sollet is a financial inclusion IT solutions company that enables aggregation and cross selling of products via an agent model providing last mile reach. Sollet has over 20 large corporate clients with strong 250 individual channel partners.

Enterprises Showcased in Q2, 2013

  • Anulekh


    Anulekh has created a biochar-based product that can increase agricultural yields and reduce utilization of other inputs such as fertilizers. Anulekh is bringing the Biochar product to India which has been used extensively globally to improve the long term quality of soil, greatly benefitting yields.

  • Arogya Finance

    Arogya Finance

    Arogya Finance offers accessible, affordable, and timely loans for medical needs through its NBFC. Arogya has developed a proprietary credit analysis approach using psychometric analysis and behavioral testing, which enables it to evaluate the credit worthiness of the patient, and lend within 24 hours.

  • Healthberries


    Healthberries is a diagnostic + wellness boutique clinic chain providing preventive health screening services to retail and corporate customers in Tier II and III cities. In addition to regular tests offered by diagnostic chains, Healthberries offers 365-Day unlimited health monitoring service and various health plans for corporates and retail customers.

  • Sage Schools

    Sage Schools

    Sage is engaged in providing quality K-12 education to rural and low income communities across India in an affordable and sustainable manner. Sage currently runs 2 schools with over 800 students from low income communities in rural Andhra Pradesh

  • Sanchayan Suraksha

    Sanchayan Suraksha

    Sanchayan seeks to give literacy and access to suitable government financial products and schemes to low-income consumers. They do this by aggregating and distributing a basket of financial products starting at INR 100.

Enterprises Showcased in Q1, 2013

  • Green Nerds

    Green Nerds

    Green Nerds is a waste treatment company that designs and sells machines to treat bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste for Tier II-III cities. Since its launch, Green Nerds has sold 5 machines and has a strong order book for 2013 for various government clients including Karnataka municipal department.

  • Head Held High

    Head Held High

    Head Held High is transforming the contours of rural youth in India by putting them through an intensive 5 month residential training program focused on teaching English, Computers, Math, and life skills. Post training, the youth get employment in the district-wise “hubs” that Head Held High is setting up. These hubs are designed to become the center of entrepreneurial activity in the villages serviced by the district, provide employment opportunities in set ups such as rural BPOs, and become the last mile reach for any social enterprises or corporates wanting to sell their products or services in the district.

  • Next Drop

    Next Drop

    NextDrop provides Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a cost effective way to monitor, manage, and inform water availability and distribution to consumers and utility departments. NextDrop has over 4800 customers and have partnered with local water utilities and mobile distribution companies for payment collection.

  • Sevamob


    Sevamob provides primary healthcare and insurance to low income consumers for a monthly subscription. The service is delivered by field teams of doctors and sales rep that carry Android tablets with proprietary mobile software which can operate with or without network in remote areas.

Enterprises Showcased in 2012

  • AgroStar


    AgroStar is a direct-to-farmer mobile based retail channel that addresses significant gaps in the conventional rural agricultural retail supply-chain. AgroStar is based in Pune.

  • Dialogue In The Dark

    Dialogue In The Dark

    Ace has brought in India Germany based Dialogue in the Dark (DID) based on an idea to give fullsighted people an understanding of the daily routines of blind people using entertainment as a medium. Ace is currently running DID in Inorbit mall, Hyderabad for over 2.5 years and has recently launched a 1 disruptive mobile setup called Dialogue Box (DB) in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Edusharp


    Edusharp is a skill empowerment firm, aiming to enhance employability skills and employment amongst fresh graduates, imparting work place skills and other critical skills required to succeed. Edusharp has created a tailor made program based on extensive research amongst students, with inputs from various industry players and guidance from senior human resource team in various corporates.

  • iKure


    iKure is establishing a comprehensive solution to address issues in primary healthcare in rural India by taking over the management of existing Rural Health Centers (RHCs), and setting up its own RHCs where none exist. iKure has developed a software platform called WHIMS that has won several awards in healthcare innovation. iKure is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, and is incubated by IIT Kharagpur and Webel Venture Fund. Following I3N, Calcutta Angels has also invested into iKure.

  • Invention Labs

    Invention Labs

    Invention Labs is an engineering company with primary focus on medical devices. Invention Labs has built AVAZ, a device/app that enables people with Cerebral Palsy and Autism to communicate, thereby enabling inclusion and mainstreaming.

  • Ketto


    Ketto is a newly set up crowdfunding platform people to raise funds for their chosen causes or charities, as well as for beneficiaries and NGOs to run their own campaigns. Since its launch in Oct 2012, Ketto has attracted several thousand visitors to its website raising over INR 15 lakhs for different causes and have built long-term partnerships with the likes of Google, MTV and CAA-KWAN.

  • LabourNet


    LabourNet is a skills training organization for informal sector workers. It also creates sustainable benefits for workers in the informal sector by offering them a platform to access services. It provides financial inclusion, social protection and welfare services to unorganised workers, builds capacities of workers and markets their services to customers. LabourNet is headquartered in Bangalore.

  • Logistimo


    Logistimo is scalable and affordable supply chain technology tailored for governments, corporations, small businesses and Base-of-Pyramid entrepreneurs. It delivers inventory tracking, order management, automated alerts, optimized opportunistic decision support, and analytics for increasing profitability and improving service.

  • Mera Doctor

    Mera Doctor

    MeraDoctor is a nation-wide doctor helpline and medical discount network that helps families stay healthy, and save time and money. MeraDoctor brings reliable healthcare advice to common people at an affordable cost through innovation in healthcare, telecommunications and development finance.

  • MeraCareerGuide

    MeraCareerGuide is an affordable platform designed to assist students to make informed career decisions. The platform allows them to explore and research extensive content on career options, get expert advice from 80+ counselors and subject matter experts and use psychometric tools online with real time career report. MeraCareerGuide is based in Delhi.

  • MeraGaonPower


    Mera Gao Power (MGP) builds, owns, and operates micro grids in Uttar Pradesh serving off-grid villages with high quality, dependable lighting and mobile phone charging services. Currently, MGP operates micro grids in 380 villages of Uttar Pradesh serving 8,500 households with quality indoor lighting.

  • Rope


    ROPE, specialize in making all those things which make a home, home! Home furnishing, home decor, storage and lifestyle products uniquely designed and exquisitely handmade or hand woven using eco-friendly materials and processes is specialty of ROPE Home Decor & Lifestyle.

  • Samridhi


    Samridhi runs a dairy venture that creates long term livelihood opportunities for villages in Uttar Pradesh. Samridhi leases livestock to clients, sell high quality feed and vet services, collect milk from clients to sell to distribution partner.

  • SimplyLearnt

    SimplyLearnt is an online platform to make entrance exams test preparation affordable, fun, interactive and social by providing engagement with test material using cutting-edge interactive graphics with strong emphasis on quality assurance through partnerships with teachers, professors, coaching institutes. Since 2009, it has been helping out students appearing for their JEE, NEET-UG, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, AIIMS, BITSAT, NTSE, CAT and many other exams.

  • Sudiksha


    Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions provides low cost, quality education to children below poverty line. Sudiskha currently runs 18 affordable pre-schools in Andhra Pradesh, India, with 12 schools run completely by women entrepreneurs.

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