Enterprises Showcased In Africa

We showcase 4-6 new carefully vetted enterprises at the beginning of every quarter, and work to facilitate investments into them throughout the quarter.

Enterprises Showcased in August 2015

  • Beyonic


    Beyonic is a Kampala based fin-tech company whose flagship product, Funds-to-Phones, helps institutions make payments into an individual’s mobile wallet.

  • COREC (Continental Renewable Energy Company)

    COREC (Continental Renewable Energy Company)

    COREC (Continental Renewable Energy Company) is a Nairobi based company that recycles waste plastic into affordable and durable building hardware (fencing posts, roofing tiles, manhole covers, and pavement blocks) to be sold to developers and construction companies.

  • Green Bio Energy

    Green Bio Energy

    Green Bio Energy is Kampala based company that offers low-income families access to cost saving, safe and eco-friendly energy solutions through its two flagship products: Briketi Eco-stoves and Briketi Briquettes.



    MARAMOJA is a Nairobi based company that connects commuters to socially vetted and trusted taxi drivers through the company’s social rating technology. Also helps drivers gain access to safe and steady stream of commuters.

  • TakaTaka


    TakaTaka Solutions is a Nairobi based waste collection and recycling business that operates across the waste value chain system. Also produce organic fertilizer from collected organic waste.

  • Water Forever

    Water Forever

    Water Forever is a Nairobi based company that sells, operates and maintains prepaid watering meters to water service providers, NGOs and communities with pre-existing water points.


Enterprises Showcased in February 2015

  • Arbutus Medical

    Arbutus Medical

    Arbutus Medical is a medical device company developing affordable, world-class medical devices. Their flagship product is the Arbutus Drill Cover a patent-pending, sterilizable, reusable and fully-sealed sterile barrier that completely encloses a hardware drill (used in surgeries). The cover increases efficiency and accuracy allowing surgeons to safely use a low-cost drill within a clean surgical environment. Arbutus sells the Drill Cover in combo kits which include a low-cost hardware drill and a set of five sterile covers.

  • East Africa Fruits

    East Africa Fruits

    East Africa Fruits is optimizing the supply chain of fresh farm produce. One of the only companies in Tanzania to possess cold storage logistics for fruits and vegetables, EA Fruits sells a range of fresh produce (pineapple, watermelon, carrots, onions, cabbage etc.) aggregated from their own farms as well as out grower farmers to Tanzanian customers through retail centers and wholesale markets.

  • Ensibuuko


    Ensibuuko is an ICT company that connects farmers to finance opportunities as well as to the market. Their flagship product MOBIS, is a banking software for SACCOs that integrates the use of mobile money, bank accounts, SMS, USSD, and the web to offer easy and transparent financial management.

  • FAIM


    FAIM has established the first tissue culture lab and plant propagation facility of its kind in East Africa, producing clean, disease free horticulture plants while also demonstrating how such plants, when combined with good agronomy increase productivity by 5-10x current yield.

  • Geel Medical Services

    Geel Medical Services

    Geel Medical Services is improving access to quality, affordable and reliable healthcare services by offering comprehensive healthcare services that include general medicine, radiology, surgical services, dental services, etc. in the Tororo region of Uganda through its 24/7, 20 bed hospital and through medical outreach camps

  • Honey Products Industries

    Honey Products Industries

    Honey Products Industries optimizes the value chain for honey to procure and process high quality organic honey while producing triple bottom line social, economic and environmental impacts. The honey is sourced from independent smallholder beekeepers, packaged and processed in factory hubs and then distributed across the country.

  • Jibu


    Jibu provides permanent access to safe and affordable packaged drinking water through locally owned franchises that form a network of self-propagating, safe water providers. Jibu uses ultrafiltration (UF) technology to purify the water which helps to retain the local taste. Currently Jibu caters to the Urban East African market (Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo).

  • Kigali Farms

    Kigali Farms

    Kigali Farms (KF) is building a mushroom industry in East Africa, they are engaged in the and individual clients. KF sells mushroom substrate to mushroom farmers (many of whom are first-time mushroom cultivators) offering to buy back the mushrooms from the farmers while also cultivating mushrooms on their own farms.

  • PowerGen Renewable Energy

    PowerGen Renewable Energy

    PowerGen Renewable Energy, founded in 2011, is a premier renewable energy design and installation firm in the region. In 2013, PowerGen began to address the problem of rural energy access by installing and operating alternating current (AC) solar micro-grids in off-grid communities in East Africa.

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