About Us

Intellecap Impact Investment Network (I3N or I-cube-N) is a global network of impact investors, both individuals and institutions who come together to co-invest in impact enterprises across India and East Africa. Our aim is to plug the pre-VC funding gap early stage enterprises face by mobilizing domestic capital and connecting international investors to domestic investors. Our investors come together to support brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to solving difficult problems at the bottom of the pyramid. 

I3N has over 120 members across its 2 chapters in India and East Africa, with investing interests in 5 countries namely India, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Our Vision is to provide unprecedented scale to impact investing by democratizing it – i.e. plug the pre-VC funding gap in impact enterprises by making impact enterprises accessible and investible for HNIs. To make this possible, we strive to:



" New impact investors through awareness and education"

new impact investors by educating philanthropists and mainstream investors about the opportunities and risks of impact investing.



" The best early stage impact enterprises"

the most promising and scalable impact enterprises.



" Speedy and low cost transactions"

speedy and low-cost transactions to help young enterprises grow to the next level.


What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?

Although impact investing has seen tremendous growth, impact enterprises struggle to find sources of early stage funding, and this stunts their growth, increases gestation period, and reduces chances of survival. According to the Beyond Profit 2012 report, ~68% of impact enterprises have been in existence for 5 years or less. Most of these enterprises are funded only by the promoter, friends, or family. There is thus, a huge demand for funding between USD 100,000 – USD 500,000. I3N is addressing this gap by creating a vibrant community of investors that understand, support, and further the cause of impact investing.

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